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What Do Entertainment Lawyers Like John Branca Attourney Do?

Entertainment law is a fascinating and competitive field dealing with the already notoriously harsh entertainment industry. One particularly successful entertainment lawyer, John Branca, has had the distinct honor of representing some of the greatest entertainers of all time. How exactly do entertainment layers help their superstar clients? Learn more below.

What Do Entertainment Lawyers Do?

Entertainment lawyers can handle dozens of different types of situations and cases that arise as their clients deal with contracts, working terms, and even slander and libel. For the most part, though, entertainment lawyers are at their client’s side when the time comes to negotiate a contract with an agency. Entertainment lawyers will advocate on their client’s behalf for better terms, or they may advise their client to walk away from a bad deal.

They can also help clients get out of bad or restrictive contracts to give the artist, musician, actor, or comedian more freedom to work on their own terms. Entertainment lawyers can also help with estate planning, as bigtime entertainers have sizable assets that must be protected should something happen to them.

Protecting intellectual property is another important aspect of entertainment law, as entertainers work hard to produce original content. When another entity steals an artists ideas or work, it can have disastrous consequences for their career. Entertainment lawyers can help prevent intellectual property theft and get compensation if someone does steal their work.

Who Needs an Entertainment Lawyer?

Clearly, big-name entertainers should regularly obtain legal advice from an entertainment lawyer, but even those just getting started in the industry could benefit from qualified legal counsel. Many beginning entertainers are so excited to get their first contract, that they sign it right away without understanding the consequences or legal bindings.

The entertainment industry as a whole takes some getting used to, but an entertainment lawyer is familiar with many of the common tricks or practices agencies use to try to compensate entertainers less than they deserve. It’s helpful to have someone on your side that knows the ins and outs of the industry better than anyone.

Entertainment law is a complex field, but it can be rewarding for those who help clients negotiate deals big and small. Actors, comedians, musicians, and other types of entertainers can all benefit from the help of a trustworthy entertainment lawyer, whether it’s to help with an occasional legal question or to manage an entire estate and portfolio.

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