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Paint Your Dog In Various Fun Ways

Why should you paint your dog?

What comes to your mind when you think of your dog? You must have found it caring, loving, and loyal, and super duper cute. It plays with you, sleep with you, and make you happy every day. No wonder how much your dog loves you unconditionally. Do you love it the same? Do you consider it a family member? If yes, then why not paint your dog a portrait of itself?

You must have a painting or a huge portrait of your family in your house. Then why not make it more interesting by adding the portrait of your dog there and give it the love, care, and respect of a family member. If you are a great artist, painting a portrait won’t be difficult for you, and you can paint one of your dogs just like that. Although, if you are not good at it, don’t worry, we have other options for you as well.

Find a pet portrait artist.

Finding pet portrait artists is not that difficult nowadays. Many artists are doing great in their painting careers and would be more than happy to make one portrait for you. You can either find a pet portrait artist online through social media handles or if you know someone around you who paints for a commission, then they can do that task for you as well.

Another option is finding an artist that paints live portraits. This might cost you a little bit more, but the whole process of making the portrait live will be unforgettable for both you and your pet. You can ask the artist to paint the portrait of your dog alone or you along with it. They can do anything you like for a little money, of course.

Paint your dog by numbers

One more option for those who do not want to for either of the options mentioned above is to paint by numbers. Painting by numbers is comparatively a newer concept in which you paint yourself. In this, the picture you want to be painted had to be printed on a canvas in which the portrait is divided into many sections with numbers in each, and you get acrylic colors with it, which is also numbered. According to the mentioned numbers on the canvas, these acrylic colors fill in the portrait’s colors in the mentioned numbers. This is a great option for those who do not know how to paint but still want to do something for their beloved dog by themselves. 

Painting your dog can be a really fun task when you want to do it yourself, and you are a great artist. You can paint it live by making your dog stay in a place that might be a challenging task or paint it using a picture, or you can hire pet portrait artists to do the job for you. The easiest and least costly way would be to paint by numbers. You can go for whichever way suits you the best.

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