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Visiting A Strip Club For The First Time? Check This Guide!

Men, who have never been to a strip clubs, often have their inhibitions about their experience. Of course, you are expecting a lot of fun and nude strippers, but you are also expected to behave like a true guest. If you have been thinking of going to strip clubs where gentlemen hang out, we recommend that you check the guide listed below.

Know the experience

Are strippers really nude? That’s usually the first question guests have in mind. To be fair, it really depends on the club you are visiting. Many strip clubs have fully nude strippers, and these are professional women doing their job, so you better be respectful. Tipping at strip clubs is usually recommended, but make sure that you don’t come off as a miser. More tips you give her each time, the more she will get closer. Bringing your girlfriend, wife or partner to a strip club is allowed by most places, but do check in advance.

Enjoy the lap dance fun

If you have never tried a lap dance, you should consider the experience. Lap dances are just that – a dance, so don’t expect to go beyond that. Sex shouldn’t be on your mind when you visit strip clubs, because that’s not what these places encourage. A lap dance is probably the closest you can get to a stripper. You will go in a private room, where the stripper will do a lap dance for a fee, and on a song. Some strip clubs may charge you extra to play a song of your choice. If you are in mood to enjoy with your friends, you can also check for a nude table dance, which continues for one song and is usually cheaper than a lap dance. You can always choose to tip your stripper more if you like her performance.

Dress code, bar and more

Not all strip clubs have bars – some may have the option of ‘Bring Your Own Booze’.  However, stocked strip clubs are more fun, because you can easily order what you need and will never run out of liquor. As for the dress code, you may want to call and ask in advance, but casual dressing is encouraged at most places, although flipflops are not allowed.

You can also check for other details, like charges of drinks and beers, on the website of the strip club. Plan your weekend now!

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