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5 Reasons Incentive Travel Is Gaining Popularity Now

Corporations are always trying to make their employees happy and build team morale. For this reason, they keep coming up with new ways, such as hiring an event company to plan a musical show to indulge their workers.

Keeping the workforce motivated and satisfied with the provided perks is always among a company’s top priorities. That has led to the creation of many recreational programs; among those, one that’s gained much traction in recent years is incentive travel, often provided by incentive travel services.

The modern-day corporate world has realised the potential and efficacy of incentive travel, so hiring corporate incentive travel companies to map out trips for employees has become a norm of sorts. But that’s not without good reason! 

Since awarding workers with adventures as a show of appreciation yields so many benefits, not having such corporate incentive travel plans seems unwise. Some employers are yet to catch up and incorporate incentive travel into their business model. For those latecomers who are yet to join the party, here are 5 compelling arguments to show why incentive travel is so necessary

It Gives Employees Something to Remember

Gone are the days when bonuses made people feel genuinely rewarded. Of course, that’s not to say that money doesn’t make employees happy. However, in today’s world, experiences trump monetary rewards. 

Workers typically pay the mortgage or a loan or clear any other financial liability with bonuses. So, they don’t get to feel appreciated. Moreover, they wouldn’t even remember how they spent the extra cash they received from their employer. 

Money doesn’t give people memories to reminisce about later in life, so its spell wears off pretty quickly. But on the contrary, incentive travel remains anecdotes and stories for life. So, it’s safe to say incentive travel makes employees feel genuinely appreciated. 

It Motivates Employees

It’s in the name! Incentive travel indicates that it is a tool to entice people and win favours. Naturally, when you give someone an incentive, they become indebted to you even if you ask them not to. That’s because the human mind recognises when someone has been kind and becomes thankful to the said someone. As a result, it spurs individuals to return the kindness bestowed upon them. 

Long story short, when employees see that their organisation cares for them, they knowingly or unknowingly become more dedicated. They start to give their very best on the job. And what better way to acknowledge what your workers do for the company than by giving them a trip to remember. 

All that is to say that if employers wish to inspire their teams to perform better, they should plan different corporate incentive travel trips.  

It Allows Employees to Go On Adventures

Many people love to travel and explore the world, but they don’t have the resources to do that. Sometimes financial constraints stop individuals from travelling. Other times familial commitments come in the way. Either way, many people don’t get to traverse exotic destinations as they would like for one reason or another. 

When such travel enthusiasts get to tour different locations, they truly recharge, which allows them to perform better. Not just that, they also get a newfound sense of loyalty towards their company because it enabled them to do something they so badly wanted. 

If you want to ensure that your teams show up to work fully recharged, you should hire incentive travel services to organise a tour for them. 

It Builds Team Morale

Working in teams is a big part of being in the corporate arena, which means employees must know how to work together. The best way to teach them to do so is by sending them on travel trips together. Doing so will allow them to bond and get that spirit required to become a team player. 

Office picnics, carnivals, jazz nights, and many similar one-day/night long occasions don’t do much for team building. They don’t add to the overall morale and, for many people, exist as an obligation. 

As royally sad as it may seem, office get-togethers are nothing but an obligation they must fulfil. 

However, that’s not the case with incentive travel. When corporate incentive travel companies chalk out tours for a corporation’s employees, everyone becomes immensely involved and excited.

Therefore, incentive travel is an excellent tool to bring group members together, have them work closely and build bonds. All that results in better team spirit and morale. 

It Is Customisable 

There is no room for customisation with bonuses or any other form of monetary rewards. You hand a check or wire money to the chosen employees, which is not personalised. 

Personalised gifts tend to be more touching, making the receiver much more appreciative. Imagine someone gave you a watch as a present, you would be thankful. However, if they gave you a bat signed by the cricket legend Sir Ian Botham, you would not just be grateful; you would be exceedingly grateful.

Of course, that scenario will only be relatable if you are a cricket fan. In any case, you get the point. 

Personalised presents are much more effective in making someone feel appreciated, which can be an incentive to travel. You can ask your employees where they wish to go or what they’d like to do for an adventure. Once you have their input, you can have the event company incorporate it into the forthcoming trip.  

You may not be able to do everything your workers ask you to, but you can certainly do a considerable amount of what they request. The remaining thing you can do the next time.  

Final Verdict

Having happy employees is the key to running a successful business. After all, they are responsible for most of the work that happens in your company. Therefore, you must do everything to make your workers pleased. And the best way to do that is by organising an incentive travel trip. You might not want to use the word incentive when presenting the idea to your employees, as it may not suit them well. 

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