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Popularity of K-Pop in Europe

 k-Pop has reached mainstream in Europe. In the year 2020 a success has been found for K-Pop Blackpink launched their Netflix documentary for their success story, while Big Hit Entertainment on the other hand made its debut in stock market. Shifting out from a niche based culture the genre is now becoming an international and global phenomenon and is mainstreaming in Europe with consequently leading numbers from England.

Between the year 2019 and 2020, it has been observed that the UK has seen more K-Pop music than other countries on the European continent, followed by Germany and France. Some of the maximum played songs include BTS with their super hits “Dynamite”, “Black Swan” etc., Blackpink with “How You Like That” and finally, their recent feature in lady Gaga’s “Soul Candy”. There are other notable artists who also perform in the space of K-Pop music for this recent years. The musical genre has dynamically changed in different countries. Currently, there is a massive variety of genres and types of musical propositions in place. These musical propositions are promoting the growth of art and culture . This growth is not only limited to one country. This growth is encompassing the entire world . As per the survey organized by the Korean tour organization in the year 2019, they observed that most European youngsters preferred the K-pop band, BTS. Currently, the K-pop industry is experiencing a significant growth not only at a national level but also at the international level featured they are the only Korean band to have come on some of America’s most prestigious Music Awards show, the Academy Awards.

The K-Pop stores Europe is available in different places of Europe. European countries especially South Korea has emerged with the theme of BTS in front of their audiences. The economic growth has been a criteria of changing social and industrial phenomenon. The development of economy has been characterised with the large variety of these changing situations. The industry gained popularity among the audiences and growth leads to popularity among huge number of fans all around the world. It had some complication as well. Any industrial growth and development definitely has some repercussions in adjusting the total consequences.

K-Pop stores USA has been found in the countries of USA. The South Korean industry of BTS has been emergently famous and unavoidable in the consequences of large industrial development. The popularity and fame came in the Korean industry of K-Pop themes that include the large amount of variety in the development of songs and other activities. In order to analyse the K-Pop market in front of the international audience especially the western, the development of the K-Pop audience and popularity based from the different sector has been searched the phenomenal development.

  • pop has gained the confidence of the audience both in western as well as the other Asian countries. This is because the issues highlighted by the Korean dramas and songs are very relatable by the youngsters. The audience feels like they can connect to the characters. Furthermore, the COVID pandemic has opened more doors for k-pop and k-dramas to influence more people and amass a large fan following. The audience popularity gained the art form of K-Pop themes and the songs and activities of the artists. The popularity has been increasingly developed in the financial and economic terms of the European industry. The variety of entertainment purposes has been found in the genre of musical art to culminate the developmental analysis of different issues in the cultural genre.

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