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List of top 5 ALTBalaji characters that will make you fall in love in a heartbeat

As we know, the ALTBalaji web series is packed with iconic characters. The memorable shows embodied everything from flawed heroes to slick talkers.

Whether it is the main character or a supporting one, here in the world of television fandom their characters are hands down the scene-stealers that make the audience come back for more.

So, without any further ado, let’s meet some of the all-time favourite ALTBalaji characters that did the best:

  • Sufiyaan from Bebaakee

He’s not perfect. But hey, that’s exactly why everyone is gushing about him. This imperfectionist, Sufiyaan from the Bebaakee web series will melt your heart with his flaws.

Sufiyaan’s complicated past makes it difficult for him to fall in love until he meets Kainaat. After her entry in his life, everything changes for him. The man actually does things never done before in his entire lifetime. Well, what can we say? Pyaar logo se bohot kuch karwa sakta hai. Catch his gimmicks on-screen in Bebaakee!

  • Sameera from Broken But Beautiful Season 1

Behind every smile, she hides a million tears. This broken yet beautiful soul, Sameera (played by Harleen Sethi) is the kindest person you’ll ever come across.

She has dealt with the worst heartbreak. Her former boyfriend leaves her for some other woman. Despite this, she chooses kindness, growth, hope and healing. Watch her journey in Broken But Beautiful Season 1 streaming on ALTBalaji.

  • Anuj from Baarish

Sweet, sushil, aur swami type ka. Anuj played by Sharman Joshi in the Baarish web series is an epitome of a perfect husband, brother, and son.

Anuj, the young and rich Gujarati man goes the extra mile for everyone he loves. And hey, guess what? Despite the riches and privileges, Anuj happens to be humble and modest at all times. Believe us when we say it’ll melt your heart after watching how kind-hearted he is!

  • Imtiaz from Bebaakee

Here’s a little secret: There are still chivalrous men out there. And hey, Imtiaz is one of the many.

Imtiaz, the dashing young man is every woman’s dream. You know why? Well, Imtiaz is smart, ambitious, charming, and successful. And, guess what? His good looks are a plain bonus! 😉 Fall in love with everything about him on the Bebaakee web series streaming exclusively on ALTBalaji.

  • Pakhi from Virgin Bhasskar Season 2

Thodi teekhi hai. Thodi meethi hai. Aur thodi tedhi hai. Par kaafi pyaari bhi hai. Pakhi (played by Jiya Shankar) is the feisty character from Virgin Bhasskar Season 2 web series who will leave you in splits.

Right from her infectious aura to super-cool hacks, everything about Pakhi will make you fall head over heels in love with her. Learn from this beautiful young jugaadu woman in Virgin Bhasskar 2 how to make the tiniest of the tiniest things work out every single time.

So, what are you waiting for? Give these bold, beautiful, charming, ambitious, flawed, and fierce characters a chance to make you fall in love with them. Watch them effortlessly sweep you off their feet by paying only 80 paisa per day. Hurry!

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