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How Mark Hauser Built a Career in Entertainment Through Dedication and Focus

Mark Hauser is an American-Canadian voice actor from the Great Lakes region. Relocating to Montreal and working with K.L. Benzakein Talent, Hauser has appeared in a string of voice-over and live-action roles throughout his career. Already an Actra Award Nominee in the comedic realm with roles alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt and Nathalie Zea, Hauser is looking to share with the world the techniques and best practices that have served him so well in life.

Highly creative in nature yet entirely dedicated to honing his craft, Mark Hauser has developed a few tips and tricks that have helped him to harden his mindset and further his career.

The Role of an Entrepreneur

While working as a voice-over artist may not sound like the most traditional of entrepreneurial roles, it really fits the mold quite well. As a V/O talent, Hauser must work diligently to put his name in front of the right people while ensuring that his skills are up to par for the project at hand.

To find success in this way, Hauser learned early on that he would have to learn how to manage his time while maintaining strong disciplinary practices. This led Hauser to practice the Pomodoro Method, a timing technique that segments your work and leisure time into two distinct moments. Utilizing the technique has allowed Hauser to hone in on the most important work he has to tackle each day.

Alongside his time management skills, Mark Hauser advocates for individuals to start making lists of things they must accomplish the following day. Hauser says, “I choose tasks that are essential to accomplishing a specific goal.”

Hauser would go on to say of his lists, “I scribble my creative ideas on a second sticky note. When inspiration strikes, I want to be prepared.”

Fighting For Opportunities

Whether in business or acting, Hauser understood early on that it would take effort to land any of the many opportunities that were waiting for him. Hauser said in an interview with Ideamensch, “Like any other business owner, I am responsible for marketing my services to potential clients. Whether I’m in a business discussion or social situation, I’m always aware of what’s going on around me.”

To continue building on past efforts, Hauser also made it a point to stay in contact with production teams that he had either worked with or planned on working with in the future. Hauser said, “Sometimes a new project has just gotten off the ground and the producers haven’t gone through the casting process yet. If I check in just to say hello and they know there’s an upcoming need…”

Whether he lands the role or not, Mark Hauser always returns to the words of Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.”

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