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Are roulette wheels rigged in this day and age?

If you come across an avid roulette player and show a bit of interest in what he does, chances are high that he will start complaining about bad luck, long losing streaks, and more often than not he will blame the wheel being rigged.

Since roulette wheel is a physical wooden thing that doesn’t have to be perfectly round, and the roulette ball is a physical metal thing that can be affected by magnets, and the whole setup is hidden in a large enclosure, many a gambler has wondered if the wheel he’s playing on is, in fact, fair.

Players of live dealer roulette such as Lightning Roulette by Evolution don’t have to fear the wheel is rigged, as the game is independently audited and is provably fair. The same game will appear in all online casinos that have it, so this is the best guarantee one can have that he’s playing a provably fair roulette on a wheel that hasn’t been tinkered with.

If you’re visiting a land-based casino, well that’s another story.

You honestly don’t have any idea whatsoever if the roulette setup you’re betting on has been tampered in some way. Not only by the casino – it can be tampered by someone who’s trying to steal money from the casino by tinkering with the table or the ball, and you certainly won’t know about it. It might just be the case that you’re betting on a game that will not let you win because someone made the wheel not random.

Every couple of years we get some media news story about someone who tried to rob the casino by tinkering with the roulette wheel or ball, and they were always caught. If they weren’t, well, then we wouldn’t know about it. There is a chance that people do win on roulette tables unfairly, and you might be playing on such a wheel, but it will only make the news if the perpetrator is caught.

What about the random number generator automated computer roulette games then, you ask? Well, these are utterly and completely random. No question about that. But, here’s the deal, gamblers don’t want complete randomness!

Let’s explain. On one hand, roulette players want the outcome of the spin to be random, but not in a sterile computerized kind of way, they simply want randomness that isn’t being tinkered with. They do want the small imperfections in physical properties of the wheel and the ball – just not ones that are artificially created by someone who wants to affect the outcome of the spin.

Random number generators are hated by most players, as the new spin is completely independent from the last one or any one before that. On a real wheel, you could say that certain rules of the living world apply, but to RNG roulette nothing applies – it’s just sheer randomness. Can’t bet on that.

So, if you’re concerned about the roulette wheel being rigged, and are not a fan of utter randomness either, fortunately there’s a middle ground. It’s called live dealer roulette and it’s quickly becoming the most popular form of roulette as players worldwide learn about its advantages.

Physical roulette and RNG roulette don’t even come close.

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