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All Fun In The World –  Corporate Event Planning Tips – Get Started Now!

A Celebration for each Reason


Increase the value of client relationships.

Supply the chance to satisfy prospects inside a non-threatening setting.

Allow clients to expose you to people they are fully aware.

Create consistency and congruency.

Be sure that your clients believe that they fit in with a unique club.

A yearly schedule will include three distinct kinds of occasions:

Value-Added Occasions

Educational Occasions

Lifestyle Occasions

Value-Added Occasions

Something-added event enhances the consumer relationships. There’s two distinct styles: the mass value-added event and also the focused value-added event. Some professionals present just one type others offer a mix of both. At least you need to host one focused value-added event annually.

Mass Value-Added Event

This kind of event is planned for a lot of attendees at an inexpensive per mind, enabling you to achieve more clients for any reasonable price. You are able to offer these occasions to many classes of clients.

Ideas for any mass value-added event include:

a screening of the era film

a summer time B-B-Q around the block which includes face painting and clowns for the children

each day in the baseball park with tickets for any hotdog and drink ticket

Focused Value-Added Event

This kind of event reminds your top clients they fit in with a unique group. These occasions are equipped for a little number of your very best clients, and may involve a higher cost per mind (although the quality and benefit of the team event matters greater than your buck). The advantage for this approach is to possess a more intimate gathering that enables significant interaction with every participant. This kind of event could be provided to either all AAA clients or perhaps a select number of AAA clients who’ve been positively promoting you to definitely people they are fully aware.

A focused value-added event could involve:

an mid-day in the track

a unique annual dinner or perhaps a dinner cruise

an evening in the theater a higher-finish wine tasting and/or led winery tour

an excursion from the local Christmas lights

Educational Occasions

These occasions offer clients more information on and understanding of topics associated with your expertise.

While for a lot of professionals, educational occasions constitute all of their event schedule, it is recommended that a maximum of 40% of the occasions be educational. Typically, clients depend on their own professionals to “cope with the specialized aspect,” also many educational occasions could be counter-productive. That stated, your customers and prospects will still appreciate educational occasions about topics they are curious about. To guarantee the success of these occasions, survey your customers and prospects to determine which topics they wish to find out more about.

Appropriate material should be along with strong promotion. Create a fascinating title for that workshop to seize attention. A appealing title and a focus-grabbing subject material will encourage your customers as well as their visitors to go to.

Finally, remember Rule #1. Never promote a “seminar.” Workshops possess a bad connotation. Rather use terms like “symposium” or “workshop.” Perception is everything.

Lifestyle Occasions

Lifestyle occasions are the most useful a part of a celebration series for a lot of professionals and clients, simply because they focus on the private interests of clients and individuals they are fully aware.

Customers are typically more disposed to getting someone they are fully aware to some Lifestyle event. Consequently, it’s the best chance that you should be introduced to folks whom your customers recommend.

Lifestyle occasions could be a key element of the event series. However, it is recommended that you think about making these kinds of occasions a maximum of 80% of the Event series content. And make certain to provide occasions that the clients are curious about. Use FORM information and/or survey your customers to determine which kinds of lifestyle occasions will interest them. By doing this, you will know your event is going to be well-attended, which your customers will probably bring buddies or family – prospects – towards the event.

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